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HypnoBirthing is a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing experience for you and your baby. 

 Some of our past clients
What others have experienced with HypnoBirthing

"The use of the HypnoBirthing® techniques that Christy taught us resulted in a short (3 hours) memorable and stress-free experience and the both of us were still full of energy which allowed us to share those precious first hours with our new, larger family."


- Sidhu Family, Kelowna, BC

"I know that the efficiency and ease of my labor was because of Hypnobirthing philosophies and techniques, and my trust in my baby and my body!” 


- Gaila Hemphill, Revelstoke, BC

"Thank you so much for instructing such a great class! I wouldn't have been able to have a natural birth without it!" 


- Meghann Schatz, Kelowna, BC

"Thanks again Christy, every chance I get I recommend your class, but some people just have this idea in their head of how horrible it's going to be, not how wonderful they can make the experience... I had a third degree tear and was talking about doing it all over again! ... when visualizing of how I wanted the birth to go and how I wanted my "labour" part to be 5 hours, it was almost exactly... Anyway, I could go on and on about this and how in shock I was to be feeding our daughter after my uncomfortableness only started 4 hours before! Thanks Again!"


- Kendra Soukeroff, Kelowna, BC

"Hi Christy,
...A big thanks to you and the was such an amazing birth and hypnobirthing played a major part. Thank you so much for the class and confidence it gave us." 


- Jessi, Dusty, and MJ, Kelowna, BC

"I just wanted to send you a note and say thank you for your thoroughness through the HypnoBirthing course... we both learned a lot, and had a great time interacting with you, and the others!"


- Rachelle Leroux, Coldstream, BC

"Blake Danger Friesen was born at 10:48 am on December 5, 2011. He was 8 lbs 3 ounces and 18 inches long. He is a beautiful, strong, healthy and cuddly little boy. At his one month appointment he was 11 pounds and 23 inches and growing very fast. ... I managed to do it all natural, drug free and with no ripping or tearing. I also did not have an episiotomy which is so wonderful... Thanks again for all of your help!"


- Carrie and Matt Friesen, West Kelowna, BC

"We just wanted to express our sincerest "Thank You" in teaching us the essential methods of Hypnobirthing. Despite our birth plan going a little "sideways" when we were truly in the thick of things, the methods that we learnt helped us cope and "breathe through" the surges. My wife was truly a commando while birthing and amazed everyone in the room (including all the doctors, nurses, and doulas) by reaching 8.5cm dilated through her calm and powerful breathing techniques alone. We would highly recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone about to experience this intense and amazing time in there lives. Thank you again Christy!!!"


- Trevor and Britney Rushka, Kelowna, BC

 ... Even Doulas have something to say

“From the first class, Christy was able to demonstrate that where the mind goes, the body follows and we would be training our minds to allow our bodies to birth gently and with ease.  I attended the classes as a Certified Doula to better assist clients who have prepared for birth in this method.  Christy’s classes are packed full of information, delivered in a succinct manner, the perfect blend of facts and anecdotes. The classes include lots of opportunity to practice the techniques that will be used during the birthing time so that by the end, we felt truly prepared; confident and ready.  I have assisted at nearly 400 births but the three HypnoBirths I’ve attended stand apart from all the others.  I could barely tell when the mother was having a contraction...oops... “surge”!  When parents are motivated to make this work, it really does!”


- Terra Reindl, Doula & Second Attendant, Kelowna, BC

Are you a past client and have an amazing birth story or testimonial you would like to share with us? 

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