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What others have said about HypnoMothering

HypnoBirthing is a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing experience for you and your baby. 

 Some of our past HypnoMothering clients

"I have just attended a HypnoMothering class with Christy Phillips and had to pass on my thoughts and gratitude. During my pregnancy I took the HypnoBirthing classes with Christy and had such a great experience. When I heard about HypnoMothering, I jumped at the chance to further my practice to bring into my new world of parenting.


Firstly, I have to say the location of where the class is held is in such a warm and welcoming sacred space. Immediately you feel relaxed and ready to receive. It was a great start! 


As per usual Christy was welcoming and well prepared. I soon soaked up the all the good  feelings that I used to get at the start of the HypnoBirthing class. I was not let down. Christy naturally transported me into a relaxed state starting with a relaxation script that sent me into another realm! One that I have not experienced since the last course, its been a while and so very much needed! The best part is that not only was the class a total time out, but we learnt how to bring these relaxation techniques into our every day lives. In my experience this totally works as I still use some of the techniques learnt in HynpoBirthing to chill me out. This class was so fitting for my new phase in life, specially aimed at some of the hurdles that we face as mothers.  I now can confidently take on matters that usually bring on stress and anxiety and use my newly learnt tools to overcome them.


I highly recommend this class to any new mummas like myself, it brings comfort in knowing that I can take control of any situations that may arise in the most gentle way.

Not only did we learn relaxation tips, but also audio scripts to help with sleep and rest, ways to handle stressful situations, and sweet mantras to see you through the day to bring me closer to myself and baby.


Keep up the good work Christy, you’re a shining light that has given me the best gift of all, to help me be the mother that I want to be.” 


 - Zoe Parker, Kelowna, BC

Are you a past HypnoMothering client and have an amazing testimonial you'd like to share with us? 

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