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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a safe, natural state of selective, focused attention. When we enter into this absorbed state of hypnosis, we can use our thoughts, talents and experiences in ways not usually available to us. Typically people in hypnosis feel fully present, though very relaxed. 

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a complete prenatal education program with a focus on educating parents on what natural NORMAL birthing actually is, releasing fears, and teaching self-hypnosis and other techniques for a safe and peaceful experience that Nature intended.  This “breath of fresh air” course is well-backed by scientific and anatomical evidence of how fear or limiting thoughts block women from birthing comfortably.  It greatly reduces the need for chemical anesthesia, episiotomy, and other interventions.  Used and practiced during pregnancy and birth, it helps women relax deeply to birth gently and comfortably.  In class you learn how to release fears, let your mind and body go, so you can produce endorphins and let your body do its instinctual, incredible work. With special breathing, imagery, relaxation techniques and lots of practice the HypnoBirthing program can transform your birthing experience from what women often expect to be painful, overwhelming, and even traumatic to empowering, emotionally connected, calm, and at peace and trusting with the birthing process. You will experience being completely in-tune with your body, baby, and partner, or other birth companion, and anything you choose to focus on during your baby’s birth.  And you can’t do HypnoBirthing “wrong”.  There is no right or wrong way to birth.  But planning for what you WANT to achieve is what it’s all about, as opposed to entertaining negative thoughts and ideas which create tension and thus the scenarios you are wanting to avoid.  HypnoBirthing classes with Born to Birth are about “helping you create 'your story' by awaking your true birthing ways”.

How is HypnoBirthing different than other childbirth methods?

HypnoBirthing embraces the power of the woman's body, and helps women (and partners) let go of anxieties and fears they may have of birthing or anything to do with bringing a child into their lives, so that their bodies can work optimally. The breathing techniques assist rather than resist the birthing muscles, assisting with opening and moving baby down to crowning without hard, sometimes violent, pushing.  We don't go into detail about medical complications because that only sets women up for more fear and worries. If you have any concerns about something specific we are happy to answer any questions  that we can or guide you towards other resources.

Will I have pain?

HypnoBirthing doesn't guarantee pain-free though many women do NOT experience pain. Rather they experience sensations often described as tightening, or pressure.

What does the class offer that the book can't teach me?

The book was written as an addendum to the class. Some women can succeed using HypnoBirthing without taking the class, but to ensure your success, the class is strongly recommended. The degree of relaxation you achieve in class gives you an idea of what to aim for in your home practice.  I can guide you through relaxation concepts and double check that your breathing techniques are efficient and understood. We go over fears and releasing them, we talk in depth about your birth preferences so that you can get what you want out of your personal birth goals.  The course as been updated since the last edition of the book, so you will receive the latest information and most effective techniques as well as a multitude of handouts not included in the book and some ‘class extras’ to assist you in visualizing your birthing goals.  You will also receive a supplementary disc containing the Affirmations and Rainbow Relaxation, which are the primary tools for the course, as opposed to the disc that comes with the book. This is an incredible bonding experience for the “three” of you which your partner will finish feeling confident and very well prepared to support you.  There are other benefits of group classes with Born to Birth, such as making friends, sharing food, and benefitting from hearing others give feedback on their practice that week and ask questions you may not have thought of yourself.

I don't see a class available on a day that I am free, what can I do to take a class?

Group classes are posted on the Calendar and on the Services Page.  If the class options don’t fit into your schedule we are happy to create a private class for you, for an additional fee.  If you and a friend want to form a class we can even do a group class that way. Please contact us and we can work something out.

When are the classes?

Please look at the class schedule posted online. If don’t see a course that fits your schedule please contact us directly and we can find a way to make this happen for you.

Where are classes held?

Classes in Kelowna are held at the heart-warming and cozy  Lovin Livin Centre, located above The Marmalade Cat Cafe.  The address is #200 – 2903 Pandosy Street, (the entrance is on West Ave.) Private classes can take place in the convenience of your own home, or if that is not suitable, at an alternative cozy location.  Classes in Revelstoke take place at Welwinds Therapeutic Spa, inside a renovated historic building on a quiet street downtown offering treatments, yoga, retreats, workshops, a tea lounge, and Boutique-Style accommodations - perfect for HypnoBirthing getaways!

Lovin Livin Centre, located above The Marmalade Cat Cafe

Welwinds Therapeutic Spa, located in downtown Revelstoke

When should I take the first class?

A great time to take the class is between 20 and 30 weeks. You can definitely take it sooner if you'd prefer, that simply means you have more practice. If you are after 30 weeks, you can take the class too, you may just have to practice more in a day so that your mind and body can be conditioned to relax and let go.  Even if you finish the course at or close to term you will benefit greatly from the education received in this course.

How long are the classes?

The HypnoBirthing class consists of 5 weekly classes, 2.5 hours each.  HypnoMothering is offered as a sixth session which comes free with your 5-week HypnoBirthing class. The HypnoBirthing Fertility Support program consists of 5 weekly classes, 2.5 hours each.  We always skip long weekends, so if you are enrolled in a class that takes place on a weekend your course may extend over 5-7 weeks.

What do I do to sign up for a class?

To sign up for a class, click the below button. Upon receiving your contact form I will follow up with you via telephone or email to give you additional details about the course and reserve your space in class.  

What is a typical class size?

Classes are small, typically with five or fewer pairs (Moms and Birth Companions), so we encourage early enrollment to secure space in our small groups.  Up to one additional birthing companion is also welcome per 'couple'.

How much does the class cost?

Please call to inquire about costs. 

What happens if I miss a class?

You can schedule a make-up class. You can either make it up by dropping into another class happening in the same week or at a later date, or you can schedule a private make-up class for an additional fee. 

What if I take your class and want more practice with you?

If anything comes up that you feel you’d like some extra help with, such as an additional fear release or to go over certain techniques, or anything else, I would be very happy to asset you.  As your Practitioner I am with you up until the birth and beyond.  Simply call me anytime of day (even in the middle of the night) and I'll do what I can to help.

Do you ever cancel a class?

Very rarely do we need to cancel a class, rather, if an extenuating circumstance arises, we would either relocate to an alternate location for that class or reschedule to a day/time that suits everyone.  We will let you know by email, text, or phone as soon as possible if something comes up.

I took you class before, and am expecting another baby, and I would like a refresher course. How does that work?

You and your partner/birthing companion can drop in to any group class for free if you already taken a class in full previously with Born To Birth, and if space allows. If you want a private refresher course, we can schedule one for an additional fee.  Usually one or two hours is enough, depending on your needs and if you’d like a release session in addition to course review.

What if I live too far away to come each week?

If you are nearer to your due-time, and five weeks puts you too close to your expected arrival, or if you live too far away to travel over the weeks, we can always arrange to do private classes and teach you the material over a couple of visits if necessary, or we can schedule classes in a way that works for you.  Contact us for further information on these options. 

What does the fee cover?

Your course fee covers tuition for you and your birth companion, plus one extra companion, and includes your HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method book, class handouts folder containing colour visualization posters, extra scripts, worksheets, birth preference sheets and much more;  hypnosis recordings, and several class "extras" to help you achieve your goals.

Will HypnoBirthing interfere with the hospital doctor or midwife's care?

It shouldn't. It should enhance your birth experience and give your provider less to actually do- making their job much simpler. HypnoBirthing strives to help you understand how your trust in your body. The best provider for you is a very personal choice, and they should ideally understand and respect your goals and be on-board with your plans. If your provider doesn't approve of HypnoBirthing or your birth preferences, they may not be the best provider for you and that's okay.  You will receive support in class with how to deal with that situation.  

Where should I have my baby? Should I use a midwife or doctor?

That's a very personal choice. I encourage each family to do their research and find what works for them. Here are two examples of resources that may help you in understanding the differences in care and approach: 

 I am also happy to discuss your options with you in private. We do discuss choices in the class, but if you need to work through some extra concerns just let me know. 

Why is my birth experience important enough to take such an intense course? Why shouldn't I just trust all of this to my doctor or midwife?

Each woman and birth companion has their own goals. It's important to define goals for yourself that you are comfortable with by educating yourself on all your different options and the choices that you face. A particular doctor or midwife may have a different view point about birth than you do. Birth affects us, our babies, and families. It affects the way we parent, the way we view our children and spouse or partner. Studies also show that our birth experience affects our emotional wellbeing specifically when it comes to preventing “baby blues” or postpartum depression. As responsible parents, it’s our job to be informed the best way we know how, so that we can give our children the best start in life. Each family gets to decide what is best for their family, but understanding how your choices will translate into your experience and the baby’s experience is of utmost importance.  The HypnoBIrthing program covers this topic in depth and will help you form your own story and, in the even of special circumstances, you and your partner will be empowered to remain a part of decision-making so you can gather information and make choices that are right for you, if possible.  Even if a true medical circumstance arises and interventions are necessary, this will help you achieve a fulfilling experience.

What makes you qualified to teach?

I birthed my own two children in 2008 and 2010 after having taken the HypnoBirthing course myself.  They were the most empowering, amazing and beautiful experiences of my life... and have I many insights to share!   I Certified as an HBCE in 2010, and had the honour and benefit of being trained by the founder of HypnoBirthing herself, Marie Mongan! Every year I am required to recertify by achieving the high standards set by the HypnoBirthing Institute which include furthering my education and projects.  


For more information on my credentials visit my About Us page.

Should I use a doula?

Having a doula can fully enrich your experience. It's a very personal choice. If you are curious about what doulas do here's a great resource for what they can offer. 

Our HypnoBirthing course fee includes tuition for you and your partner/birthing companion PLUS an extra attendant such as a Doula (or mom, sister or friend, etc).  Doulas and extra birthing companions are extended the special privilege of attending the course along with you and your partner, and it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that they do attend.  It is highly-beneficial if your doula or other attendant has an in-depth understanding and experience of the philosophy and techniques you will be using to achieve ultra-depth relaxation. So you are all on the “same page”, when enrolling for the course, check with your doula or birthing companion on when they will be available so the three of you can plan to attend together.  

What if my doctor or midwife says that they don't like HypnoBirthing?

First, make sure they know what HypnoBirthing is, sometimes they just don't know. We can be in touch with them for you if that helps, to offer some educational material or a quick presentation.  If they claim to understand the philosophy and techniques and still don't like it that's their personal choice. If you have a careprovider who does not like to work with HypnoBirthing parents and you are dedicated to using this method, then, as long as baby is still on the inside... it might be best to find a provider more suited to your wishes for this birth!  

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