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Some Birth Stories our clients have experienced when having practiced HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing is a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing experience for you and your baby. 

Koa & Rick Wainman with baby Amarina, Kelowna, BC

Are you a past client and have an amazing birth story or testimonial you would like to share with us? 

Hi Christy!


I wanted to tell you that we had our baby! She was born on December 3rd, at 11:57am. She came JUST at 37 weeks, so she surprised us a bit. I'm sorry it took me so long to contact you, things have been super busy! I started writing this over a week ago and never finished. 


That morning my water started to leak, but I had no contractions. I had a check up at 9:30am with my midwife, all was well. My midwife told me that I should go into labour within 48 hours on my own, so we went home to wait. We stopped at the store, but I had a feeling we needed to just get home, so we cut our outing short and went home to blow up the birth pool.

At home, we set up the birth pool in our room, and I was still feeling pretty normal. I got in the shower because I felt a bit crampy. Rick was trying so hard to get the birth pool ready, but our attachment wouldn't work on our upstairs bathroom sink! At about 10:45am, I started to get a few tightenings here and there. I was listening to Rainbow Relaxation in the shower.  It only took a little bit, and I started having very intense tightenings. They quickly came on and I didn't get a break between them. I jumped straight into a that "nearly complete" phase. By this time I was laying in our tub, Rick was beside me. He did great at reminding me he was there with me, and to breathe slow. The midwife was on her way. My tightenings were right on top of each other, as soon as one ended another was building up, no break. I had a hard time breathing, or relaxing, my body was in this major energy over drive. I did close my eyes and focus on being calm and that everything was okay. Although I had so much energy that I made a lot of noise, it helped me get some of that energy and intensity out of my body so I could catch a breath. 


I had 20 minutes of very intense active labour, at which time my body switched gears and started bearing down. Since it came so fast I got really tense at first, but Rick reminded me to breathe down and that my body knew what it was doing.   These expulsive tightenings were also non-stop, and hard to control. I kept telling myself it was okay, my body and baby know what they are doing. The force my body was exerting downwards was very intense, it was hard to control because there was no second to just breathe between. I did everything I could to slow down. I told Rick to help me breathe, I wanted to slow down, to not force down so hard and let baby come down gently. I was on my side, and I could feel her head getting close so I moved to a squat.  I was able to touch her head, and guide it out. Feeling her head was so amazing! I touched it while it came downward, and felt it move back a bit with each tightening, I felt her head the entire time she was coming.  Her head came out, and amazingly I felt her body turn slightly on her own, and the rest of her came out right away in the water. Rick helped me receive her, she came right onto my belly. We both were in shock I think! Baby had a little cry, was breathing and pink! My midwife was on the phone, just being positive. She didn't even get there on time! We just sat in the tub, holding her to my body, wrapped in towels. We took a few minutes to even think to check - she's a girl! Our midwife got there about 10 mins later, I moved out of the tub to warm up. I was kneeling on the bathroom floor, and Rick just cut the cord, I felt a bit of pressure, sat forward and out came the placenta! We all moved to the bedroom, cuddled, she nursed. Baby was/is perfect and healthy. 37 weeks, she was 6lbs 12oz, 20 in long. I didn't need any stitches, everything down there was in tact! I'm pretty sure only because I did everything I knew how to slow down and let her come out gently, even though my body was trying to do something different.

- 20 mins of active labour and 12 mins of breathing her down, an hour before I didn't even consider myself in labour! 


Although I didn't do the breathing techniques quite how we learned because of the quick, intensity of the labour, all of the knowledge was with me and absolutely helped me cope. I was alert during, I felt every part of her coming out (which was truly amazing), and I felt great after! Rick was so wonderful, and calm, especially considering we were alone in our bath tub. 


Thank you for teaching us Hypnobirthing! Like I said, all the knowledge and confidence was with  us and we brought our baby girl I to this world peacefully, quickly, lovingly, and intimately just the two of us!




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