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Some Birth Stories our clients have experienced when having practiced HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing is a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing experience for you and your baby. 

Sharan & Gary Sidhu with baby Kai, Kelowna, BC

We are proud to announce the birth of our second son Kai.....our story

I got into the habit of sleeping with the relaxation script on from the start of my introduction to hypnobirthing. So when I woke up on Wednesday at 2am feeling a bit "funky" i just put my headphones back on and went back to sleep. I then woke up at 4:00 am and new it was time to call Lesley (doula extraordinaire), little did I know it really was time! I went into a bit of a panic, I couldn't relax, the breathing wasn't working, the balloon WAS NOT filling. I felt like I needed more time to get into that amnesic state that I had been practising so hard to achieve.



It was only when Gary started reading the rainbow script I came to the realisation that the reason why I couldn't complete surge breathing was because the balloon was disappearing, yes I was way beyond that point. I had literally slept through the surges! I had a few left and then it was time to breath down. Once I switched to J breathing I was in a total hypnotic state during waves, Gary's voice anchored me and kept me relaxed, Lesley carried out light touch massage. The next time I opened my eyes Angelique, the midwife was there she tried to get a heart beat, but my position wasn't helping, she was very patient and waited until I was ready to move, I don't know how long I made her wait! I got to a point where I was calm and lucid between J breathing and had a little rest and said hello to Ann-Marie, the second attendant.


Before I knew what I was saying I asked Angelique to check my progress, and Lesley to hold up my leg, he had crowned and a few breaths later was out and resting on my belly at 8:29am. Kalan, my 4 year old son, was in our bedroom within a few minutes which was key in my birth plan. We were exhilarated and hungry, I lay there Kai feeding, while I ate toffee popcorn. The atmosphere was very relaxed, the midwives went down for a cup of tea and completed paper work while the four of us bonded and took it all in.


Newborn procedures took place about 3 hours later while I showered, no one rushed us to do anything! We are very happy with the whole experience, the combination of hypnobirthing, homebirth, doula and midwives made everything go better than we had expected.


Thanks Christy, it worked without me even knowing it worked! I told you I kept on falling asleep during relaxation, didn't think it would happen during the birth! Gary is going to write you a blurb too......


Sharan XX

From the Father:


I want to thank you so much for your help in preparing Sharan and myself for what turned out to be a beautiful, spiritual and peaceful birth of our son Kai. I am the first to admit that I was a sceptic when Sharan first introduced the concept of having a Hypno-birth at home, I have never been the alternative medicine/method kind, preferring more standard procedures. However, after the birth I was converted truly and inexplicably! The birth of our first son was at times very traumatic and stressful and we were both totally exhausted at the end. The use of the hypno-birthing techniques that you taught us resulted in a short (3 hours) memorable and stress free experience and the both of us were still full of energy which allowed us to share those precious first hours with our new, larger family.


Thank you once again and I will certainly be recommending this approach to birthing from now on.

Gary Sidhu

Are you a past client and have an amazing birth story or testimonial you would like to share with us? 

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