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Some Birth Stories our clients have experienced when having practiced HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing is a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing experience for you and your baby. 

Charles & Leanne Ruechel with baby Xenia Caris Ruechel, Lumby, BC

Dear family and friends,

This past Sunday, November 18th, our beautiful daughter Xenia Caris Ruechel was born at 9:46 pm. Her mom had a peaceful and natural labour at home and Xenia gracefully slithered into this world underwater in our birthing pool that was set up in the corner of her parents dimly-lit bedroom. We had our trusted friend Moira assisting us with everything from filling the birthing pool to feeding the focused parents. We also had our wise midwife Barbara and her amazing assistant Terra, who both lovingly supported us and kept mom and baby safe. Our team was truly amazing and helped give us the most beautiful and natural birth a family could hope for. 

After Xenia had a short time to bond with Leanne and cuddle with Charles, we were all in for a little surprise and excitement. The placenta needed some extra help in releasing from Leanne's womb, so we all got to go on a family trip to the hospital, in an ambulance no less! Xenia got to ride with mom in the back, while Papa got to sit in the front and marvel at how we were immune to red lights! Once we got to the hospital, Xenia patiently waited with Papa until Leanne got things straightened out with her placenta, and then resumed breast feeding and bonding with mom. What an outing for a 2-hour old girl! We were all pretty pooped from the experience so we squatted at the hospital for a day and a half before returning to our nest back home.

Xenia is a very healthly girl who knows how to ask for what she wants - with a voice to do it! She has an affinity for grandmas and bright lights (although bright lights make her sneeze - mostly in multiples of two). She loves to sleep on mom or papa's tummy and uses her cheeks as her own pillow. She is already practicing lots of stretching everytime before she wakes up, so as not to strain anything in her active moments of.....uhm... nursing, or pooping. So far she's entertained a lot of visitors, had a tour of the whole house and one evening stroll down the driveway to Opi and Omi's house so she could meet her Opi.

Thank you to all of you who helped bring this precious life into the world and for the many more who are supporting us in our new role as parents.

In bliss and awe,
Charles, Leanne, and Xenia

Are you a past client and have an amazing birth story or testimonial you would like to share with us? 

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